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Name: BEAST (비스트)or B2ST
Meaning: B2ST - Boys 2 Search the Top, BEAST (Boys of East Standing Tall)
Company: CUBE Entertainment
Location: South Korea
Members: Yoon Doo Joon, Jang Hyun Seung, Yong Jun Hyung, Yang Yo Seob, Lee Gi Kwang and Son Dong Woon
First mini-album: Beast is the B2ST on October 14, 2009

Late 2009:
Journey leading to debut was showcased in their MTV documentary MTV B2ST.

October 14, 2009
First mini-album, Beast Is The B2ST: Sold over 20,000 copies in October 2009. Cube Entertainment revealed that they had sold all the albums they printed in the first batch and was able to produce 5,000 more. It went on to sell for an overall 40,000 copies. This brought the music industry's attention to the group considering a success for rookie artists is usually defined when they reach 10,000 copies in sales.

October 15, 2009
Debut showcase at the MTV GongGae Hall

October 16, 2009
Live debut on KBS Music Bank with debut track, "Bad Girl".

December 2, 2009
First award, Rookie of the Month for December which was awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


January 4, 2010
Beast, along with labelmate 4minute, had concluded a mutual signing ceremony with world-wide album company Universal Music Group for their international promotions and album launches.

January 23, 2010
First international promotions in Taiwan with 4minute.

February 3, 2010
Attended the 19th Seoul Music Awards, awarded with the Best Newcomer Award alongside T-ara and After School.

March 1, 2010
Second mini-album, Shock Of The New Era, was scheduled for release on March 2, 2010 but was released a day earlier after being leaked on Youtube: Sold 20,000 copies.
Title song “Shock” introduced a new genre called Rocktronic which is a combination of rock and electronic music.
Reviews of the title track "Shock" described it has having both powerful vocals and an overall strong sound, with the live performances incorporating a complex VTach dance routine.

March 25, 2010
- Beast presented a different image by singing an orchestra version of the sad ballad "Butjapgodo” (붙잡고도, lit. Despite Holding On) by Korean group Noel, and were subsequently recognized as a boy group with outstanding singing ability.
- Received their first number-one win on Mnet’s M! Countdown with "Shock".

April 29, 2010

Digital single "Easy (Sincere Ver.)". The track used strings and piano as opposed to the hip-hop feel and electronic instruments of the original

August 10, 2010
Beast received the Golden Disk Award from Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand at the '2010 Summer CUBE Stars Party' at Seoul, Samseongdong in the Samyu Center Event Hall.

August 13, 2010
Beast and 4minute became the first Korean artists to be invited to perform on Singapore Youth Olympic pre-opening stage

Beast was awarded with the Cool Star Award on the 2010 Mnet 20's Choice Awards, where American R&B musician Omarion made a surprise appearance as a guest onstage when Beast received their award. Omarion had also performed a special showcase with Beast after seeing their performances.

September 17, 2010
3rd mini album single from album Mastermind "Jumeogeul Kkwak Jwigo” (주먹을 꽉 쥐고, lit. Clenching a Tight Fist) as a single from their 3rd mini-album, Mastermind.

September 28, 2010
Mastermind was released

October 8, 2010
Claimed first place on KBS Music Bank with the song "Soom” (숨, lit. Breath) from Mastermind. The song was noted for its original sound and distinctive choreography.

October 23, 2010
Beast is one of the recipient of the Asia Influential Artist Award which is given to those who had gained the most attention in Asia for the year.

November 3, 2010
Beast opened up the preorder sales for their 4th mini-album named Lights Go On Again.

November 8, 2010,
The album took the top 5 spots on the Mnet music charts with their lead track, “Beautiful” debuting at 1st place, while the album’s remaining four tracks placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively.

November 15, 2010
Beast released the first part of the relay music drama from the 4th mini-album on their official YouTube channel.

November 24, 2010
Beast discography entered Japan with the release of their first Japanese album, called Beast - Japan Premium Edition. It debuted at 13th place on the Oricon weekly album charts

November 27, 2010
Beast held their first Japanese showcase called the 'The Legend of Beast, Vol.1' at Tokyo Big Site in Ohdaiba, Tokyo. The members were transported to the site of the showcase by helicopter, where they were able to see a human formation of the group's name made up of fans as a welcome greeting. The group performed 9 hit tracks, including "Bad Girl," "Shock," and "Soom".

December 1, 2010
Beast won an award for being one of 2010's most photogenic figures by the 11th Korean Visual Arts Festival, hosted and organized by the Korea Broadcast Camera Directors Association.

December 9, 2010
Beast was awarded with the Yepp Newcomer Award at the 25th Golden Disk Awards: Sold 107,006 copies from January - October 2010 with 4 of their released mini-albums, including their first mini-album. This made Beast as the only rookie group out of all the boy/girl groups who have sold over 100,000 copies in 2010.

December 12, 2010
First solo concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. The concert's official title was 'Welcome to the Beast Airline'

December 23, 2010
Digital mini album My Story: Tracks released were "Thanks To", a hiphop track from Yoseob and Junhyung, Hyunseung and Kikwang’s R&B track "Let It Snow",and Doojoon and Dongwoon’s ballad track "Muni Dathimyeon" (문이 닫히면, lit. When The Door Closes).[39] The tracks debuted at the Mnet M! Countdown stage. The songs were released on December 21, 2010 as the digital mini album My Story


January 20, 2011
Japanese Debut and 1st Studio Album
The group was awarded with the Bonsang Award at the 20th Seoul Music Awards where they performed their hit songs “Shock” and “Soom”.

February 24, 2011
Beast was also listed as the No. 40 Power Celebrity according to the list released by Forbes Korea

March 16, 2011
First Japanese single "Shock"(Jap version)
The single debuted at number 2 on Oricon’s weekly chart, which became as the highest ranking debut single by a non-Japanese artist in Japan since Big Bang's “My Heaven” at no. 3 on 2009.

May 26, 2011
2nd Japanese single, “Bad Girl.” The single will come in 4 versions, the limited editions coming with DVD. No other information has been revealed other than covers and the coupling song on the each CD will be remixed by different artists, 80kidz, fine Rockets, FIREWORK DJs, and SONPUB.[46]

May 17, 2011
First full lengh Korean album titled Fiction and Fact, which contains 10 songs: 8 new songs, an Unplugged Version of their song "Lightless" and an Orchestra Version of their lead song "Fiction".
Their track “Biga Oneun Naren" (비가 오는 날엔, lit. On Rainy Days), which was released as a digital single prior to the release of their album, rose up the charts at the moment of its release.

May 27, 2011
"On Rainy days" won first place on KBS Music Bank instead of their heavily promoted lead song “Fiction”

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